Sneakers sports shoes for mutli purpose usage light blue

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Material : Mesh

Sole Material : Rubber

Fastening & Back Detail : Lace-Up

Pattern : Solid

Multipack : 1

Sizes :  IND-7, IND-6, IND-10, IND-9, IND-8

Country of Origin : India

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You could be a beginner when it comes to any kind of physical activity, or perhaps a fitness freak. Or you could be an athlete with a strong passion for sports. No matter you need, we have the sports shoes for you. Myntra is proud to be associated with the best sports shoe brands in the country. We bring you an exhaustive collection of sports shoes online for men, women and kids. Check out our collection of shoes for specific sports such as cricket, football, basketball or tennis. Pick up a pair for running and other athletic needs. Browse through our collection of sports shoes with price options to find incredible quality shoes at an affordable rate.


Myntra’s sports shoe online collection brings you ultimate comfort and performance for running. Our sports shoe brands feature a variety of innovatively designed options for different kinds of pronation. Pronation, or the foot’s inward rolling after striking the ground, is an important factor in determining the right kind of shoe for you. For mild pronation, choose basic stability sports shoes. For moderate overpronation, opt for cushioned stability with minimal arch side support but extreme shock absorption. Motion control running shoes are designed for severe overpronation or for low arches. They feature a stiffer heel and provide ultimate medial or arch support on the inner side.

Instead of just picking up any pair of running shoes, it would make more sense to figure out the types of running shoes that would most fit your needs. Our sports shoe online collection includes options for basic needs such as walking, gym workouts and training. We also provide great options in road running, long distance and track sports shoes. Here is a look at some of them.


    1. Take baby steps towards a fitter lifestyle with walking shoes. Pick up a pair of slips-on shoes from our sports shoe online collection. These walking shoes will provide a basic degree of cushioning at the footbed. They are crafted for maximum style with smart colours in a textured upper. You can buy a pair of trendy lace-up Reebok shoes in this category, engineered with innovative technology for maximum speed and comfort.



    1. Trail running shoes are equipped with strong traction and extra-protective uppers. They are usually water resistant and come with a darker colour scheme. For extreme terrains, high-end trail shoes feature extra protection on the forefoot as well as stiffer outsoles to help shield the feet from bruises on rugged surfaces. You can pick up a pair of Adidas shoes in lace-ups from this category.



    1. Racing shoes are must-haves for professionals. They are also known as racing flats as they have very small heels or no heels at all. These sports shoes are extremely lightweight with a minimal amount of cushioning. This is to generate a very short contact time with the ground for maximum foot-propulsion and speed. Racing shoes are ideal for shorter distances, below 10 kilometres.


Make sure you buy sports shoes with price options that are quite reasonable in other variations such as road-running shoes and long-distance shoes for your marathons.




If you are serious about your game and would like to score big, make sure you check out our sports shoe online collection ideal for field and court sports. Our sports shoe brands feature incredible options in sports shoes for basketball, cricket, skateboarding, tennis, badminton, football and more.

It is important to know your cleats before you pick up sports shoes from this category. Cleats are basically plastic or metal spikes found on the bottom of the shoes which enable fast acceleration as you move by providing better traction. It allows you to stop suddenly, cut across the field and turn your feet immediately.

Here are some of the points to keep in mind before you set out to buy sports shoes online :


    1. Metal cleats are ideal for baseball or golf where the shoe needs to dig into the grass or mud. Plastic cleats are preferred for most other surfaces and are required for football shoes. While traditional steel spikes for cricket offer better grip on the ground, batsmen prefer multi-function sports shoes with plastic-stud spikes for better speed.



    1. For court sports such as tennis and badminton, you will need shoes which are lightweight. You need to feel light on your feet so that you can move around the court effectively. Opt for low-cut ankle sports shoes with a thin, firm rubber sole.



    1. If basketball is the game you love, you will find the best price sports shoes online at Myntra with shock-absorbing midsoles and on-marking outsoles. They provide ultimate comfort, ample traction and ankle support as you dribble and run. You can make sharp movements with absolute ease.



    1. You can also check out our stunning selections of hiking or trekking shoes. Choose low-cut sports shoes with flexible midsoles for casual day-time hiking. Or opt for mid to high-cut shoes for weekend trekking trips. Pick up a pair of comfortable and trendy Woodland shoes when you head out on your next backpacking adventure.




You do not have to run up and down physical stores to hunt for your favourite footwear. Buy sports shoes online at Myntra with ease and keep the running for your fitness routine. We bring you access to all the best sports shoe brands at our online shop so that you can make your selections conveniently. We have developed very simplified browsing, selection and payment processes so that you can shop online with complete ease. Our clearly organised shoe categories and size charts will help you shop better. You can avail the best price sports shoes online at Myntra, and get your preferred footwear without burning a hole in your pocket. Check out our entire range of sports shoes and apparel and stock up your wardrobe with sporty style.



When it comes to running, you need sports shoes that have a firm but adjustable grip. Cushioned footbeds and insoles are necessary for maximum comfort and to avoid any kind of pain from running. Some of the best sports shoes with these qualities include:

  • Puma Men Enzo Sport
  • HRX by Hrithik Roshan Men Core 1.0
  • ADIDAS Men Hellion Z


Sports shoes are considered ideal for trekking and are highly recommended by several people. They provide a snug fit that helps you stay focussed on the trek without any extra stress of slipping or getting injured. Some of the best sports shoes brands for trekking purposes include Sparx, Reebok, Nike, Adidas and many more.


The main quality of any sports shoes is comfort, control and stability. Naturally, any sports shoes can be used for different sports as long as they are well equipped to fulfil the physical needs of the sport.


If your shoes are not too dirty, the easiest way to clean them is to wipe the dirt off them. It is also easy to clean them at home if they are too dirty. You can soak your shoes in water and brush out the dirt with a toothbrush. After this, they can be washed in the washing machine and by hand or both.


You should look for sports shoes that provide arch support to accommodate different activities that you use them for. They should be a good fit, so you should go for shoes with about a thumbs space at both ends. This allows your feet to spread evenly and rest comfortably.

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