Flower Printed Black Water Bottle 1000 ml

Original price was: ₹999.Current price is: ₹310.

Original price was: ₹999.Current price is: ₹310.

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Introducing our high-quality Water Bottles with a capacity of 1 liter/1000 ml, designed for multipurpose use and crafted with your convenience in mind.

Key Features:
1. Attractive Design: Each bottle is adorned with a classy flower print and equipped with a twist-on lid that ensures a leak-proof seal, keeping your beverages fresh and delicious. The solid flower printed design offers a comfortable grip for easy handling, while adding an aesthetic touch that will impress your guests and friends.

2. BPA-Free and Safe: Our water bottles are made from high-grade quality plastic that is 100% BPA-free, ensuring a healthy and safe drinking experience. You can enjoy cold drinks and fresh water with peace of mind.

3. Durability and Leak Protection: The sturdy design of our bottles guarantees a worry-free experience on the go. You can confidently carry them without concerns about cracks, dents, or leaks. We prioritize durability to ensure your satisfaction.

4. Dishwasher and Freezer Safe: Cleaning is a breeze as these bottles are 100% dishwasher safe. They are also freezer compatible, allowing you to keep your beverages chilled whenever desired. Additionally, their space-saving shape makes them a convenient choice for refrigerator storage.

5. Versatile Usage: Our water bottles are perfect for storing water or juice in the fridge. They are equally suitable for carrying beverages to the office, school, college, gym, picnic, hiking, sports, and more. Embrace their versatility for your daily hydration needs.

Precautions: Please note that these bottles are not suitable for storing very hot water. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we eagerly await your feedback upon ordering.

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